• Citizen of the World, Stanton DeFreitas

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • There is an idea floating around that deems us to be a part of one populous. This idea of being a citizen of the world has become more popular than ever as we begin to see that while each country and culture has their own unique attributes, at the same time, each country and culture has some of the same desires for their citizens. To be a citizen of the world, one must believe that the human race as a whole is worth fighting for even if that means standing up and sacrificing for a country that is not your own.

    Stanton DeFreitas believes this very deeply. He regularly admits to his passion for being a citizen of the world. His philosophy leads him to encourage people to broaden their understandings demographically, geographically, spiritually, academically, and especially culturally. As an international business consultant, Stanton DeFreitas often has the opportunity to observe and discover the differences between cultures, but more importantly, this also allows him to examine the similarities. Finding what separates us is helpful, but not as helpful as finding what binds us together. Whenever there is a movie about alien domination, it is interesting that one of the common side effects in this mythical story, is that it causes all nations to work together for the betterment and salvation of the human race. While we may have different customs and languages, being a part of the human race makes us all connected.

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