• International business consultant Stanton DeFreitas

  • Posted on September 15, 2018
  • Surrounded from an early age by diverse cultures, it was only natural that Stanton DeFreitas would surround himself with a similar environment in his professional work. Born and raised in the culturally diverse area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, DeFreitas -- of Caribbean heritage -- was consistently around a variety of customs, languages, cultures and even various foods, specifically in his east end area of Scarborough. It was through this rich upbringing that he gained a vast appreciation for the world that surrounded him -- a world far beyond Scarborough, but that each person represented and brought to his community.

    And Stanton DeFreitas carried this into his studies and philosophy for society, that people should be citizens of the world rather than limited by birthplace. DeFreitas now acts as an international business consultant in addition to an author and writer, sharing his voice on a variety of international topics and how they affect people everywhere.

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